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Your figures speak ...

a clear language with a vocabulary we understand perfectly.

As your tax consultants we are familiar with your situation, your figures, and your business. We can start directly and without any period of adjustment with the strategic analysis of your accounts. And, after we have analysed your accounts, we are also able to extend our tax consultancy services and offer you management consultancy services too!

Through well-grounded management consultancy you learn what your figures of today mean for your business tomorrow. This gives you a head start on decisions and investments.

Cost management/Controlling has many tools, such as liquidity planning, which comes down to: 'on which numbers can I rely on in the end?' Calculated ratios also have a high significance. They clearly show which course need to be set for the future planning and supervision of the company.

MManagement consultancy begins before the founding of the company with the choice of the correct legal form and comprehensive coaching for the people wanting to found the business. To this end we are accredited consultants with the NBank, the KfW, the RKW, and the Federal Employment Office, all of whom will subsidise your management coaching with us.

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