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The 4-eye-principle...

gives you twice as much service. Whoever your personal consultant in our practice is, he is always there as a supporting partner by your side. Apart from that, with Oetje + Schierenbeck two tax consultants know your papers so well that there is always a competent contact partner for you whenever you need one. Consequently, there are four eyes looking over important figures, annual tax declarations, and annual financial statements. This is called 'advising in the team'.

That is why we are careful to keep our office at a manageable size. There is always time for a consultation or for guidance, which we take very seriously. Apart from our concentration on your accounts inside our offices, we also have numerous feelers directed to the wider world outside. Our contacts with important institutions, administrations, banks and financial experts are able to clarify unresolved questions quickly and competently.

Tax declarations are an obligation you can trust us with. We attend to your figures as co-thinkers rather than as co-workers. This distinguishes us! Yet another good reason to click – and speak with us.

Another good reason to speak with us – after the click!